Factors deciding the fee structure

  • The fee structure of a B-school is directly proportional to the facilities that are offered to the students during the course.
  • The foremost thing that a MBA college must have is the huge infrastructure, where they can provide facilities like computer labs, spacious classrooms and a great lecture hall.
  • The renowned MBA institutes in Delhi provides all the necessary facilities to the students that are beneficial to them. They charge extra fees for laptops, additional courses like SAP or foreign language.
  • The average annual fees of these MBA institutes ranges between 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs depending on how these institutes are benefitting the students regarding the job placements and on the job training.
  • The MBA institutes in Delhi also assures 100% placements, which enhances their goodwill and reputation. The reputation and the brand name also influences the fee structure of the management Institutes
  • Some of the reputed MBA institutes in Delhi are NDIM, IMS, FMS, Amity, IILM , MDI Gurgaon etc.